What Does A Modern, Professional Website Cost?

These prices are correct at the time of writing (11/2016) however they are subject to change without notice and should only be used as a guide to help you understand what a website costs and how they are priced. Ultimately for us to give you an actual, accurate price, we would need to discuss your requirements in detail so we can propose the most suitable solution for your project.

Most of the website projects we take on range in price from €3,000 to €15,000 in price. However, on occasion, we have completed smaller projects for slightly less than this or more depending on the clients exact requirements.

No two websites are ever the same and this means each website takes a different amount of time to develop. We charge our time on the basis of €75 per developer hour or €600 per day but we usually give clients a fixed price before we start the project.

As a client your first questions about buying a website will always be "How much will it cost?" and "How long will it take?" but without a full scope of the work you need completed, it is impossible for us to answer these questions. Just like building a house, a builder cannot give you a price without seeing the architect's design and list of materials that will be required.

Some things we take into consideration when pricing for a website:

  1. Number of meetings required
  2. Do you have the content prepared already (text, images, videos)
  3. Do you require a logo
  4. Do you require a completely new design or a re-design of your current site
  5. Examples of websites you like and what you like about them
  6. What functionality do you require on your website
  7. Do you need training on managing or using the website
  8. Do you have photos ready to use or do you need a photographer
  9. How many pages you will require on the website
  10. What online marketing do you require

These are just some of the things that will help us identify how long it will take to develop your website, but depending on your business and project we may have more questions.

On most website projects, it may take a few meetings to run through these questions with you to give us a good indication of your requirements. We can then provide you with a solution based on the information you've given us, as well as a fixed price.

We have developed our unique and innovative Discovery process over our many years in the industry. It helps us eliminate issues such as inaccurate cost proposals and missed deadlines.